2015 A year of learning, a year of highlights


I’ve mentioned before that I started to draw in 2014 by accident, though I wanted to draw for a very long time. In 2015 I got really into it. I used to believe that you had to have innate talent to draw.

This belief was one of the strongest I’ve held throughout my life but after two years of practicing consistently and making progress that old belief came to an end: Anyone can learn to draw.

A lot of ugly drawings had to happen, a lot of paper wasted, a lot of trial and error, art supply testing, a lot of money spent in classes and supplies, but then, you have to invest.

This is a roundup of this year’s highlights in my path to art:

  • In January I took the Foundation course offered by Design Garden
  • Later in the year came the Trends Course 
  • In February my Etsy Shop opened
  • In March I took the Lecture Lab.
  • Since my aim is to learn how to draw human figures my attention drew to Sketching People in Motion class 
  • I started posting my drawings in Instagram for the first time, despite being terrified and intimidated by the fabulous art in there.
  • I launched my newsletter and received such great response, especially from people who are following a new creative path. I love to hear from women who are bravely imagining a different life but with their feet firmly planted on the ground.
  • My feature in  Design Sponge. This was huge because it taught me that when you are  true  your values it shows, and the publication that shares these values will notice.
  • Collaboration has been a big word for me this year.  I finally realized that staying all alone in my little studio would not make things happen. In my day job I began a professional collaboration with a Montreal based web design agency in the beginning of the year and ended this year also collaborating with another agency based in San Diego, both are a great fit for me.
    While searching to shift focus into illustration, another collaboration was born and before I knew it, our greeting cards were printed and selling in cafés and in a local bookstore. As a hard-core introvert this was my biggest challenge, shifting from the mirage of building a business through a screen, to actually going out and talking to people. It is possible to do it in one’s own terms!

A lot of learning and practicing and I’m hoping that 2016 will be the year when I’ll produce more. There is a plan to create a local drawing group early in the year, hopefully it will keep me consistent.

At the moment I’m considering enrolling in a more structured learning environment. Put online classes aside for a bit and go for more interaction, more asking questions and getting direct responses, but I’m still pondering about this. I have a good amount of drawing practice now, but getting better technically won’t necessarily make me better at putting my work out there.

My word of the year is Progress but I will attach a second: Structure, which is my biggest challenge. In personal projects I tend to go in all different directions and this prevents progress.

What were your highlights in 2015?

  1. Speaking of Progress and drawing, have you seen this tumblr? I find it really encouraging.



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