A Dream Art Studio

One can dream right?

Sometimes, an object gives you such pleasure to work with, it’s worth to give yourself the small luxury. This is the shop I dream of, the place where I can support independent artisans who create beautiful materials for us artists. Find something you want to give yourself or the artist in your life. This is part of my bigger dream of one day having an actual brick and mortar shop and stock only environmentally conscious, independent artists and artisans.

These are referral links to products I have chosen for their beauty and craftsmanship. Each photo takes you to that creator’s Etsy shop.

Unique Ceramic Palettes

Ceramic turtle


Ceramic Palette and Brush Rest, Sea Turtle Shaped. The cover is a water bowl.
Ceramic Palette 4 pans

4 Pan Speckled Ceramic Watercolor Palette

Beautiful, original and unique. For those artists with a limited colour palette. Looks great in photos of your workspace
Ceramic Custom Palette

Ceramic Paint Palette Set | 2 Piece

Add charm to your studio with this set of two palettes (1 Small, 1 Large
Custom Ceramic Palette

Ceramic Paint Palette

Handmade Watercolours

Pastel Watercolor Palette

Mineral Pastels Handmade Watercolor Palette

These are three amazing colours made out of semi-precious stones. lapis, thulit and peach agate
Red Ochre Watercolor Paint

Falcon Red Ochre Artist Paint – whole pan

This is a natural earth and Ocher pigment. This is semi-transparent pigment.
Watercolor pans

Mermaids Tail – Handmade Watercolor – Half pan

The most beautiful Mermaids Tail watercolor paint. Made in small batches from high quality pigments.

Ceramic Brush Rests

Brush rest and palette

Ceramic handmade set of paint mixing palette and 3 brush rests

Made by hand, from a light chamotte clay, fired in 1240 C degrees and glazed in white.
Brush rest

Handmade Terracotta Paint Brush Rest

Sculpted, glazed and finished by hand
Ceramic Brush Rest

Ceramic brush rest

Ceramic handmade brush holder. It will help you to avoid color’s drops in the workplace.

Handmade Sketchbooks

Watercolor journal

Watercolor art journal with Khadi cotton rag paper

The most beautiful sketchbooks I’ve seen on Instagram. You can paint your own cover.
Landscape Sketchbook

Landscape Notebook

Hand-bound books that are ideal companions for small projects and daily excursions.
Watercolor Journal

Watercolour Sketchbook or Journal

Approx. 45-50 pages, covered with hand printed or plain Cornish book cloth and/or vintage papers.

Ink Supplies

creative ink holder

Creative Ink Holder

A lovely inkwell for calligraphers and letter writers.

Handy Painting Tools

Desktop Easel

Desktop Wooden Easel

Protect your back and your neck when drawing or painting. Adjustable angle.
Watercolor paper Stretcher

Watercolor Paper Stretcher

Aimple solution to the problem of keeping watercolour paper flat while painting. They do away with the need for gumstrip tape for ever.
Pochade Artist Box

Pochade box for painting on the go

A lovely small pochade box. It is the optimal size for you could hold in your hand.