17 Unique Gifts for Artists

Maybe this happens to you, but when I go to the art supply store to buy a palette, a brush holder, or some other accessory for my studio, most are very sad looking while if you browse Etsy, unique objects seem to jump out of the screen.

If you have an artist in your life and by artist I mean anyone who MAKES ART, here are some unique gifts, hand-picked by me based on the dream I have for my studio in the woods. (Somebody can give me that pochade box please!)

For the Plein Air Painter

Drawing table

Adjustable Tabletop Drawing Board

This Drawing Table is the tool you will cherish forever. To be able to rotate the paper is a genius idea.
Set for plein air painting

Plein Air Set

Give the joyful experience of plein air painting
Artist Roll Sendak

All Black Sendak Mini Artist Roll

Timeless design, you will never want another pouch to carry your brushes and your pencils
Pochade Box

The Scout Plein Air Pochade Box

Painting on location is the best way to attain your unique point of view. This incredibly beautiful box will make your outdoor painting adventures so much more special.
Pochade Artist Box

Pochade box for painting on the go

A lovely small pochade box. It is the optimal size for you could hold in your hand.

Palettes that make you happy

Small unique paint wells

Hand Made Wells

Beautiful, delicate paint wells for those who paint in detail.
Ceramic Palette 4 pans

4 Pan Speckled Ceramic Watercolor Palette

Beautiful, original and unique. For those artists with a limited colour palette. Looks great in photos of your workspace
Ceramic Custom Palette

Ceramic Paint Palette Sets

Add charm to your studio with this set of two palettes (1 Small, 1 Large
Paint Water cup

Paint Water Cup

Handmade Sketchbooks

Swatch Cards

Swatch Cards

Landscape Sketchbook

Landscape Notebook

Hand-bound books that are ideal companions for small projects and daily excursions.
Watercolor Journal

Watercolour Sketchbook or Journal

Approx. 45-50 pages, covered with hand printed or plain Cornish book cloth and/or vintage papers.

Hand Made Watercolours


Watercolors to take your breath away

Another hand made watercolor shop that has such a rich variety of colors I’ve never seen anywhere. You can build your own set.
Pastel Watercolor Palette

Mineral Pastels Handmade Watercolor Palette

Amazing colours hand made out of semi-precious stones.
Red Ochre Watercolor Paint

Mineral Watercolors

Colours that you don’t find in regular art supply shops

For your work table

House Pencil Holders

Terracota House Pencil Holders

Happiness is in the details. A place for your most precious pencils.
David and Venera Pencil Holder

David & Venera Pencil Holder

For those with classic art inclinations these are a true statement.
Herb Press

Herb Press

For the botanical artist, pick, dry and create your own reference subjects

Of course you don’t ONLY need art supplies to make your studio beautiful, here are some Etsy editor picks for you to fill your creative space with plants, lighting, and coziness.

I hope you find something spectacular to give to the artist in your life or to yourself. We deserve it after the year we’ve had.

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Collage of pencil holders, herb press and paint water cup for artists

By Luisa Fernanda

Artist, Illustrator, Cruelty-Free Advocate. Notion Geek.