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Starting on the path to Art?

My journal is a collection of articles I’ve written since 2014 about having an art practice. From the very beginning, through the insecurity, impostor syndrome, skill building, class-taking, supply testing and lots of practice.

You will find honest accounts of someone who despite the nagging little voice in her head, persevered because we are all capable of making art.

If you are interested in watercolor, digital art, collage, zine or mixing everything up there is an article for that.

In flow Artist Residence Online

Online Art Residency

Sessions of deep work &
commitment to regular creating hours.
Three weeks of focus on the project that won't leave your mind.

Introductory offer: $65

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Guide to Creative Independence

This guide focuses on bringing together what you want to do and your personal artistic expression. It’s not about selling, licensing or monetizing your work (yet). It’s about the step before which is to cultivate your artistic independence and your voice.

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FlowArte Creative Guide