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In Flow: Online Artist Residency is

Drawing with pencils

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In Flow: Online Artist Residency

The four-week experience to go deep into our work, create together in a small group is coming up soon!

We begin May 15, 2021

Flowarte is a studio
where you DO your work.

Like Sol Lewitt told Eva Hesse: just DO!

Flowarte is a studio were we leave behind the disappointment of making to sell (at the moment) and instead you make to say.
We stop chasing an ideal that doesn’t fit us.

With purpose and practice we commit to the body or work that is waiting to exist.

Away from the new shiny object, the endless classes and the abstract wish to make art, we come here to think, reflect and find what we are meant to be creating. We move away from simple skill and into meaning. We pursue our obsessions and create work that excites us.

There is only one journey.
Going inside yourself
– Rainer Maria Rilke

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