What is FlowArte?

FlowArte is a Studio both a Physical and Intellectual space. It’s a map of sorts. It has been drawn by walking it. From innocence to contentment. From anguish, rushing, and striving to a gentle motion across a dune.


The Self-Taught Artist

The path of the Self-Taught Artist is filled with peril. Without structure and without trusting our instincts and our taste, we run the risk of roaming aimlessly from medium to medium, technique to technique. We also become distracted by the Artist Life. The idealized image of the beautiful studio spaces, possibilities to sell your work all of this disrupts our inner life, which is the fuel behind our creativity.

Later in Life

Maybe you are coming out of an intense period in your life, your children are independent, your career is established or you have a little bit of free time. You might be considering slowing down and explore self-expression.
FlowArte is where I share a bit of this path. The ups and downs, the resources, the bad art, the excellent art, the attempts at putting work out into the world. The search for a voice.

In our 40s and beyond, we answer less to others’ expectations, we develop a trust in ourselves. It’s the best time to start.

Later Years Line

I’m so glad to have you here!

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